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Legends Of Iron - Kevin Jorden

Kevin Jordan Has been competing in bodybuilding since 2011 satrting at Junior Nationals to the big stages of the IFBB Pro League.His Last show being in 2021 Texas State Pro Mens Open we talk about his next show and getting back on stage.The Pittsburgh Pro show comes up and we discuss the out come and placings Kevin gives us his honest opinion.Akim being a car guy he brings up Kevin’s car all blacked out car but Kevin tell us his car keep getting broken into but he took measures to make that stop.Kevin and Akim have came up at the same time competing against each other and would you know Kevin gave Akim his first lost!Join the Crew and hear the full story in is this episode of Legends of Iron

Legends Of Iron - Machine Gun Karl Anderson "Bright Lights of the Squared Circle"

So pull up to the table and join the Crew with Machine Gun Karl Anderson. Karl gives us true stories of Jon Andersen and him from their New Japan Wrestling tours. Someone take a shit out of a moving bus because of traffic! We get a little of behind the scenes of some of his matches in the squared circle Like the time he was in a ladder match with the Dudley Boys. Karl walks us down his career from the being of sleeping at the gym to making his dreams come true by making it in a business that is not easy to make it in from a child hood dream to make it big time you really get a inside look at his career and the appreciation he has for wrestling.

Legends Of Iron - Alessandra Alves De Lima & Aretha Luz Brazilian Beauties with Brawn

The brutes of Legends of Iron get a little giddy talking to Brazilian muscle goddess Alessandra Alves De Lima and her great friend and translator Aretha Luz, a stunning social media fitness personality in her own right. If you haven't seen Alessandra, known on Instagram for her well developed physique and massive legs, definitely look her up. Both Alessandra and Aretha embody the best of unapologetic feminine muscle. After the boys calm down a bit, Jon Andersen leads the conversation into some serious territory, talking about the origins of Alessandra's love for heavy duty training, the difficulties of being a muscular woman in today's social media dominated world, navigating relationships, her bodybuilding diet and why she hasn't yet competed. This episode of Legends of Iron is both a feast for the eyes as well as the mind.

Legends Of Iron - Shawn Baker Carnivore M.D.

Cofounder of Revero, orthopedic surgeon, leading authority on the carnivore diet, best-selling author! Doctor Shawn Baker Joins the Crew of Legends of Iron. Meat is what we love and use to build muscle but we talk about the way meat can change your life for the healthier. With a active life style and willingness to try something that doesn't go with what main stream health talk. Carnivore diet might be for you. This episode breaks down the narrative of what health should be and how you have to take control of what you choose to eat. So Join the Crew and Dr. Shawn Baker in Legends of Iron

Legends Of Iron - Brandon Allen "I'm Tougher Than I am Smart"

Filthy Power Brandon Allen is a monster in powerlifting with superhuman numbers a TOTAL of 2430.6 Joins The Crew of Legends of Iron. He lays it all out there and holds nothing back about his life powerlifting, training and motorcycles. We learn about Brandon in this episode so tune in! From tearing his quad with a 925 lbs squat then having a bad motorcycle accident and a battle with depression he speaks on it in the show. He tells you how it is and That these things happen and you have to deal with it because it wont fix itself. A new passion has found him! Professional Arm Wrestling. With that being said he hold a victory over the power house Larry Wheels. Brandon walks us through the whole event breaking down exactly what his game plan was and how important it was to stick to it. The heat he received for that victory was epic and he love every moment of it.

Legends Of Iron - Bobby Thompson The Stocky American Nightmare

Bobby “The American Nightmare” Thompson joins us for this episode of Legends of Iron. Thompson holds the record for American Log Press at 217.5 kg/478 lbs and is considered one of the best log pressers in the world. We begin with Bobby walking us through his recent placing at The Arnold Classic Strongman 2022. He breaks down how things went, event by event. We ask Bobby about some of his worst and best memories in the strength game, including a keg toss that went wrong and a camera guy who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. We talk about his big moment of shouldering that stone at the Arnold and what really happened. We then ask for Thompson’s picks for the top eight at World’s Strongest Man and his opinions of the top five strongmen in the world. His answers may surprise you, as will his desire for a certain kind of legacy that you will need to hear to fully understand.

Legends Of Iron - Sam Belliveau and Maxime Boudreault The Ultimate Power Couple

Maxime Boudreault has competed in the World’s Strongest Man and Shaw Classic. Samantha Belliveau has competed in Canada Strongwoman, Arnold Amateur Strongwoman Championship and Clash Strongman. Together, Max and Sam are probably the strongest couple in the world and they talk with the LOI crew about the ups and downs of training for strongman as a couple. Max talks about his journey to taking 3rd place in 2021 Worlds Strongest Man. He gives us some insight into what was going on in his head and really breaks it down. Looking forward to the 2022 World’s Strongest Man, we talk about how he is training and prepping for it. Sam is known for breaking the women’s world record with 183.4lbs/83.1kg Dumbbell Overhead Press. She crushed it at the 2022 Clash on the Coast, which our own Nick Best witnessed as a judge. Max and Sam talk advice for young lifters, how to balance training with life, the private gym they own and operate, what it’s like being a trainer, how they support each other in and out of the gym, and so much more. There is so much to cover, from the crazy way Sam and Max met, to how they are taking over the world’s strongman crop in Canada. In this episode of Legends of Iron, we learn what it means to be a true power couple!

Legends Of Iron - Hidetada Yamagishi The Dragon Retires

When a legend like Hidetada (The Dragon) Yamagishi joins the crew of Legends of Iron, you pull up your chair and listen because you are about to learn the inside info about a life in bodybuilding, both the good and the bad. We talk about the differences in bodybuilding culture between Yamagishi’s home country of Japan versus his current home in Las Vegas. Hide discusses the difficulties of judging and his new appreciation of judges now that he runs a bodybuilding competition. He talks about things that happen at shows and what needs to change. Yamagishi recounts how he started training for rugby and how he found his passion for bodybuilding. We also discuss what led to his retirement after 17 years in the game. This episode gets deep when Hide brings up some troubling times in his life that he had to deal with. Just know he believes in second chances.

Legends Of Iron - Mitchell Hooper: The Yes Policy

Mitchell Hooper may surprise you. Not only did he recently compete at the World’s Strongest Man competition after participating in only four previous competitions, but he could have chosen to be a pro football player or a professional golfer. He has been a marathon runner, assisted in yacht racing and is the owner of his own exercise and health enrichment center. In addition to all that, he is extremely intellectual and philosophical about strength sports, his place in the world and the legacy he wants to leave behind. And he’s only 26 years old. Hooper talks about life changing moments, the mental health benefits of exercise, the health crisis in America and Canada, the importance of good character, and his “say yes” philosophy of life. Join the Legends of Iron crew for a very thoughtful and mind-bending episode, including Mitchell’s startling predictions for the upcoming Giants Live Deadlift Championship 2022 in Cardiff.

Legends of Iron - Jerry Pritchett “No Plan B!”

If ever there was an American powerlifter and professional strongman that we should have on legends of Iron, Jerry Pritchett is it. He is a multiple World's Strongest Man finalist and won America's Strongest Man in 2017. Jerry Pritchett is a True Legend of The Iron. Jerry began powerlifting at 15 years old, competing in his first competition after only two weeks of training. Though he was a good football player, he immediately fell in love with the strength sports, deadlifting 700 lbs as a teen. Jerry talks with the crew about the best time he ever had at a show, breaking records with the Hummer Tire Deadlift at the Shaw Strength Classic. We also find out Jerry used to race sprint cars and compete in strongman at the same time! Jerry’s son comes up in conversation and we find out he is following in his dad’s shoes with big time goals and a promising future in Strongman. So join the crew, pull up to the table, and listen in on this episode of Legends of Iron!

Legends Of Iron - Evan "T-Rex" Singleton “This is my Calling.”

In this episode of course our first question as we start the show has to be…how the hell did Evan get “T-Rex” as a nickname?! Then we go right into him joining the WWE At 19 years old. He talks about handling the road at a young age as a Pro Wrestler. He then reveals the nasty bump that ended his career as a WWE superstar. But as the saying goes, when one door closes another opens. Evan tells the story of how leaving wrestling gave him the opportunity to try his first and only bodybuilding show where he place 2nd place which quickly led The World of StrongMan. After only a week of training he fell in love with the sport. Even talks about the process of rising quickly to the top, becoming an elite strongman, making his name known worldwide. Towards the end of the show Evan drops a little surprise, challenging Tom Stoltman, the reigning Worlds Strongman Champion. You don’t want to miss this episode of Legends of Iron!

Legends of Iron - Andy Siar Nothing and Everything

Andy Siar is the host of S.A.N.E Podcast which he calls "A show about Nothing and Everything", touching upon sports, society and, everyday life. Andy joins the crew of Legends of Iron in this episode to talk about podcasting hosting and tells stories about some of the guests that he has spoke with. The guys also talk about Andy's collage football training, his weightlifting training and how he found powerlifting, which led to the records he has set. Nick talks about his goals in powerlifting and a PR he wants to make with 30 years in the game. It gets real personal when the guys talk about some embarrassing moments but we all have a great laugh.

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