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Legends Of Iron Episode 16 - Roger (The Rock) Lockridge

Award-Winning Worldwide Bodybuilder/Fitness Writer Roger (Rock) Lockridge is the author of many articles featuring the strength community. You’ve probably read his work in Mens Healths, Barbend Strength Sport News, Muscle and Fitness, Muscle and Strength and, Stack Sports, just to name a few. As one of the most prolific freelance writers in the strength sports, he has interviewed some of the greats in the sports of strength and bodybuilding. We talk about some of his greatest and craziest interviews and behind-the-scenes stories of writing articles with the likes Ronnie Coleman and Branch Warren. We touch upon his personal life. He opens up about his early life experiences with alcoholic and abusive parents that led to transforming his body and then eventually a career in writing, which has opened the door to becoming part of a community he loves of fitness, strength, strongman and, bodybuilding. We talk about how long it takes to craft his articles and what it takes to be successful at anything. When someone loves their job you can tell the passion they have by the way they work and how hard they work at their job. Roger Lockridge is a perfect example of a man who channeled pain into passion and success.

Legends Of Iron Episode 15 - Craig Golias

There is nothing small about Craig Golias and his huge lifestyle. On this episode of Legends of Iron, Craig and the LOI crew talk big houses and high end cars. They talk about Craig’s training methods and favorite exercises as well as the unbelievable fact that he has never had an injury! Learn about his bulking diet and why Craig avoids alcohol. From personal training, and personal coaching to his own brand of clothing and join us on the podcast us as we discuss how Craig Golias made it huge!

Legends Of Iron Episode 14 - Matt Vincent

2X Highland games World Champion, HVIII Brand, Habit Coffee, and UMSO Podcast. Matt Vincent was an elite athlete who went from a 2X Highland games World Champion to walking with a cane. That and the death of his father caused him to reevaluate his entire life. Thus began his journey into the world of mind expanding substances like psilocybin. Matt talks with the Legend of Iron crew about how those experiences have shaped his life post-competition. We talk with Matt about such topics as: Avoiding opiates and using psychedelics, mushrooms and micro dosing to help with pain management and recovery. His struggles with loss and addiction. The creation of his brand HVIII and what it means. What pain teaches and the power of decision. Overcoming his knee injury and setting his sights on a new goal of training for a 20 Mile trail run.

Legends Of Iron Episode 13 - Žydrūnas Savickas

Žydrūnas Savickas is widely considered by many to be the greatest strength athlete of all time A Lithuanian powerlifter and professional strongman, he has had multiple wins in all the major international strongman competitions. His longevity in the sport, as well as his prowess is truly legendary. The Crew sits down with the G.O.A.T, Big Z! From starting at 16 in his first competition in strongman to his most recent victory, to big injuries and comebacks, setting world records and making an impact like no other in this sport of Strongman, Big Z has done it all. With over 400 plus competition and 300 First place victories with more to come his is a legendary career still in the making. Big Z’s home is Lithuania and being so close to the Ukraine, we start with the current political situation in his part of the world and how his people are dealing with so much happening so close to home.  If ever there was a Legend of Iron, Žydrūnas Savickas is it!

Legends Of Iron Episode 12 - Mike O'Hearn

Pull up to the table and join the crew of Legends of Iron as we talk about the 40 year career (so far!) of the great Mike O’ Hearn, the triple threat powerlifter, bodybuilder and cover model.   Born into a large family with 10 kids, he learned to be self sufficient early on. At 15 Mike started hitting the gym, training with big name powerlifters. At 20 he got a call from Joe Weider and a contract. That was the start of Mike O’Hearn’s journey in the fitness world. O’Hearn hits upon many topics in this episode, including: Growing up and training with incredibly competitive brothers…and sisters! Training leg day with workout partner Tom Platz. How he keeps a positive chip on his shoulder. The importance of protecting tendon and ligament strength. Healthy eating strategies. Nick brings up that one time Mike beat him in a competition but never let it happen again! Mike also tells us about the time he fell 6 feet of the stage while posing, some of the best strength battles of his life, the problems with these kids today and what it’s been like to finally be a father.

Legends Of Iron Episode 11 - Derek Poundstone

Derek Poundstone is a former Arnold Strongman Classic Champion, World's Strongest Man and one of the top strongmen of all time. This episode goes deep behind the scenes and tells the story of the wild days of competing overseas with a crazy group of elite athletes. Derek talks about why he retired and his success after strongman, most recently becoming a coach of the up-and-coming strongman Rob Kearney. He talks about rival competitor Mike Jenkins’ passing and how it affected him. Derek explains his unique and groundbreaking philosophy of training. We even get story right out of what could be an episode of COPS Live on TV! So tune in for this exciting episode of LOI! This episode of Legends of Iron is dedicated to Coleen Poundstone, Derek’s mother, who passed away shortly after this recording was made.

Legends Of Iron Episode 10 - Rob Kearney

Rob Kearney is the only openly gay Professional Strongman in the world. He started his strongman career at 17 years old and, though much smaller than most other strongmen, has won Strongman competitions and Arnold Strongman Classics around the world. Rob is now known as both “The World’s Strongest Gay” and “The Pound for Pound Strongest Man”. The LOI crew talk with him about the origin of his coming out and his relationship with his husband. Rob explains how he patterned his athletic style by closely watching other strongmen and how he convinced coach Derek Poundstone to coach him. He talks about the difficulties of his training, including pulling a firetruck full of water, and gives advice for other smaller guys who want to be strongmen competitors. Most importantly, Rob talks about his position as a positive role model for kids who may be struggling with coming out themselves. “None of this ever held me back and I want people to see that.” Rob tells many funny, touching and inspiring stories from his 13 year strongman career, including how he deals with ignorant people online and in person. He explains about one particular nasty spectator talking shit to him during a competition. Tune into this episode of Legends of Iron to hear how Kearney quickly put that guy in his place!

Legends Of Iron Episode 9 - Big Loz

Laurence Shahlaei (Big Loz) is Europe’s Strongest Man 2016, 2X Britain’s Strongest Man, 11X Strongest Man Athlete and has the best beard game in the sport! This OG Strongman and strength sports Champion has a wealth of knowledge that he shares with the Legends of iron crew, including reminiscences of World’s Strongest man competitions he shared with co-host Nick Best. • Coming back from inevitable injuries • How he challenges himself today • His favorite world records and least favorite events • How he gets ideas for his popular YouTube channel • The importance of patience in strongman for longevity • How he has dealt with problems with painkillers • What he learned from his difficult relationship with his father • His goal to help the sport of strongman out there, more popular and on bigger stages.

Legends Of Iron Episode 8 - Jon De La Rosa

Bodybuilder Jon De La Rosa has been to hell and back. After a very public divorce he retreated from the bodybuilding spotlight. Devastated, questioning everything about his life, Jon moved to Florida and began a several year battle with his inner demons of self doubt, depression and suicidal ideation. On this episode of Legends of Iron Jon De La Rosa talks openly about his struggles and how he overcame adversity with the help of faith. Included in this episode: • Jon’s time spent at Oxygen Gym in Kuwait and if it was it a good fit or not • His experience with the Building A Brotherhood Program and how that enhanced his life • Teaming up with with 7X 212 Mr. Olympia Flex Lewis • Building his own gym himself by hand with his partner • His relationship with his father during the time that his dad went to jail • Jon also describes being awake for hernia surgery and actually watching it happen! This is a touching, emotional and ultimately inspiring episode that you do not want to miss.

Legends Of Iron Episode 7 - Chris Bell

This time the Legends of Iron crew talks with the documentary filmmaker Chris Bell, the creator of the films “Bigger Faster Stronger” and “Prescription Thugs”. Chris talks about his new film “A Leaf of Faith” which explores the miracle of Kratom for helping with inflammation, pain and serious drug addiction. Some of the other topics the guys explore in this episode: • The guys speculate about the cause of some of the deaths happening now in the world of bodybuilding • The myth of ‘Roid Rage • The regenerative and therapeutic powers of steroids • How Chris whipped himself back into shape and beat an opioid addiction • The benefits of TRT and fasting • Prescription Pills and the sometimes unintended effects they have on people • Pharmaceuticals vs natural remedies • The difficulties of making health-based documentaries today Chris Bell is famous for talking about things most people aren’t willing to talk about and bring it to the front page. He has a passion to help educate the world with knowledge not given by mainstream media. This is a must-see episode of LOI!

Legends Of Iron Episode 6 - Tony Huge

On this episode of Legends of Iron, Tony Huge hits upon many controversial topics about which he is very passionate and very well-known. Tony Huge is a pioneer in human evolution. His experimentation with body chemistry and other taboo topics of the fitness community has often gotten him into hot water. He talks about the many ways to enhance the human body and mind. His openness about steroids, sarms and peptides has drawn a lot of attention and has gotten him censored and removed from several social media platforms. But facts are facts, Tony knows his stuff and keeps coming back. We talk about how he began his career as a lawyer with a successful, but very stressful, practice and how he made the decision to leave that behind to become a bodybuilder, start Enhanced Lads supplements and create his popular YouTube channel “Tony Huge Censored”. Tony explains why he chose Thailand as his new home. Tony now lives there with his baby mama and his girlfriends in an open relationship, doing things most men dream of but would never dare to do. He is living his fascinating life the way he wants and you can hear about it all, along with the Legends of Iron crew. Learn why Jon Andersen would rather pee into a cup than interrupt Tony when he’s on a roll, giving us the information that has made him the most censored man in fitness. So pull up to the conversation and join us in this new episode of Legends of Iron.   

Legends Of Iron Episode 5 - Huck Finn

Tom (Huck) Fin is without a doubt one of the craziest, out of control Men of Powerlifting in the world. Huck joins the Legends of Iron crew to talk about how it all started, including all the wildest stories, from his days playing football to getting his fingers cut off and having them stitched back on upside down! He’s made a name for himself through his insane stunts in powerlifting wrestling and Instagram. Finn has been setting records in powerlifting faster than anyone at his weight class. Huck talks about trying to discover who he is and who he wants to be in this crazy world of fitness. To find out what big stunt is coming next or just to learn what madness is cooking in Huck Finn’s brain, join us for a wild ride on today's episode.

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