Growth Stack


ARE YOU HUNGRY ENOUGH ️Attack your weight gain goals from all angles with CARNIVOR MASS, FEAST MODE, and STEMTROPIN, the ultimate GROWTH STACK! To Get Big you need to consume massive amounts of protein and calories. The most common struggle faced by hard gainers when bulking is the lack of appetite you need to pound in the food and calories. FEAST MODE makes this a struggle of the past. FEAST MODE is a revolutionary appetite stimulator that increases the hunger hormone ghrelin and also improves the digestion and utilization of protein, carbs, and fat and will keep you hungry throughout the day to allow you to pack in the calories. Now that your appetite is primed, add in CARNIVOR MASS the high-calorie all-beef weight gainer packed with 50 g beef protein isolate, 125g carbs, 5 g creatine, and 720 calories.  

There is one more critical step to this Growth Stack. Rapidly drive results through multiple pathways with the addition of Stemtropin to your stack. Promote new lean muscle tissue growth with the most advanced recovery protocol to date. Keep your body at 100% ready to go full force each and every day in the gym.