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Legends Of Iron - Chris Bell

This time the Legends of Iron crew talks with the documentary filmmaker Chris Bell, the creator of the films “Bigger Faster Stronger” and “Prescription Thugs”. Chris talks about his new film “A Leaf of Faith” which explores the miracle of Kratom for helping with inflammation, pain and serious drug addiction. Some of the other topics the guys explore in this episode: • The guys speculate about the cause of some of the deaths happening now in the world of bodybuilding • The myth of ‘Roid Rage • The regenerative and therapeutic powers of steroids • How Chris whipped himself back into shape and beat an opioid addiction • The benefits of TRT and fasting • Prescription Pills and the sometimes unintended effects they have on people • Pharmaceuticals vs natural remedies • The difficulties of making health-based documentaries today Chris Bell is famous for talking about things most people aren’t willing to talk about and bring it to the front page. He has a passion to help educate the world with knowledge not given by mainstream media. This is a must-see episode of LOI!

Legends Of Iron - Tony Huge

On this episode of Legends of Iron, Tony Huge hits upon many controversial topics about which he is very passionate and very well-known. Tony Huge is a pioneer in human evolution. His experimentation with body chemistry and other taboo topics of the fitness community has often gotten him into hot water. He talks about the many ways to enhance the human body and mind. His openness about steroids, sarms and peptides has drawn a lot of attention and has gotten him censored and removed from several social media platforms. But facts are facts, Tony knows his stuff and keeps coming back. We talk about how he began his career as a lawyer with a successful, but very stressful, practice and how he made the decision to leave that behind to become a bodybuilder, start Enhanced Lads supplements and create his popular YouTube channel “Tony Huge Censored”. Tony explains why he chose Thailand as his new home. Tony now lives there with his baby mama and his girlfriends in an open relationship, doing things most men dream of but would never dare to do. He is living his fascinating life the way he wants and you can hear about it all, along with the Legends of Iron crew. Learn why Jon Andersen would rather pee into a cup than interrupt Tony when he’s on a roll, giving us the information that has made him the most censored man in fitness. So pull up to the conversation and join us in this new episode of Legends of Iron.   

Legends Of Iron - Huck Finn

Tom (Huck) Fin is without a doubt one of the craziest, out of control Men of Powerlifting in the world. Huck joins the Legends of Iron crew to talk about how it all started, including all the wildest stories, from his days playing football to getting his fingers cut off and having them stitched back on upside down! He’s made a name for himself through his insane stunts in powerlifting wrestling and Instagram. Finn has been setting records in powerlifting faster than anyone at his weight class. Huck talks about trying to discover who he is and who he wants to be in this crazy world of fitness. To find out what big stunt is coming next or just to learn what madness is cooking in Huck Finn’s brain, join us for a wild ride on today's episode.

Legends Of Iron - Julius Maddox

This week on Legends of Iron the guys talk to a legend in the making, Julius Maddox, a world record benchpress holder in pursuit of an 800 lb. raw bench!

Legends Of Iron - Stan Efferding

Stan Efferding has been called "The Worlds Strongest IFBB Pro" and"Master of all Masters". He is truly a legend in both powerlifting and bodybuilding and this week Stan joins the Legends of Iron podcast crew to discuss: Why bloodwork is important and what it can tell you about yourself. Why it's important to take yourself seriously, whether it be about health, business or training. We dig into Stan's 2,303 RAW 865.2/600.4/837.4 record and talk about how he was able to achieve such an amazing feat of strength. Stan also talks about his book The Vertical Diet (available online) and explains how lining up your food in such an order can change your training, enhance your strength and help you grow much faster. We talk about training his latest client, UFC Champion Jon (Bones) Jones. Stan explains how has helped Jones step up to heavyweight and how he has helped him clear a path to success.

Legends Of Iron - Chris Cormier

Legends are made in fire and Chris Cormier is a self-forged legend. Chris tells us first hand of legendary stories over the course of a career spanning 73 pro shows, placing in the Olympia and winning the Arnold Classic, separating whats real from the tall tails. From training to partying harder than anyone, Chris has done it all. Chris talks about his days as a bouncer, being face to face Mike Tyson and why you shouldn't turn your back on him. We touch on drugs, depression, mental heath, the time his mother walked into a wild party, and the hard times dealing with the fame of being Chris Cormier.

Legends Of Iron - Martins Licis

The Crew talks shop with Martins. Learn where it all start from going up on a farm. To wondering what is the biggest thing he could actually lift. The first competition he has done. When everyone first meet him as a young man coming up the ranks. Stem Cells and what they have done to change his training. His New Gym/training center in El Segundo. Filming TV Commercials and what they want him to do. All in this episode of Legends of Iron

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