Carnivor Beef Protein Isolate has revolutionized the protein industry! This clinically tested, lactose free alternative to whey protein has become the protein of choice for millions of athletes and fitness enthusiast worldwide. In clinical studies, Carnivor Beef Protein Isolate has been shown to outperform whey protein for gains in muscle and strength, plus it contains higher concentrations of amino acids. Carnivor provides you with 23g of 99% beef protein isolate and contains no fat or cholesterol, allowing you to get the benefits of beef protein in a delicious, fast-digesting and convenient protein shake, pus its lactose-free and sugar free.

FACT: Nearly 70% of the global population is intolerant to lactose. Milk proteins such as whey and casein contain lactose and are poorly digested by most people, which can cause stomach distress and boating. Carnivor Beef Protein Isolate will resolve any gastric issues you are experiencing from whey and give you the quality protein you need to build muscle.

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FEAST MODE - Advanced Weight Gain Pill

So you want to pack on some serious muscle? You’re not the only one; lots of guys have the same goal, but only some are able to build mass and put on size. What separates the hulking behemoths you see in the gym from the guys who look like they are honorary members of the Geek Squad? While there are lots of things that have to be in place for muscle growth to happen, the most important component is eating a large amount of calories in the form of clean, whole foods to build muscle and fuel your workouts. One fly in the muscle-building ointment is that not everyone can wolf down thousands of calories a day. For those who are calorically challenged, there is FEAST MODE, an advanced weight gain pill that allows you to feast like a beast for increased muscle growth. Eat to Build Muscle FEAST MODE gets to the bottom of your wimpy eating habits when they are not cutting it for muscle growth. You can’t eat like an old lady or a bird and expect to pack on muscle – you have to stuff yourself with copious amounts of protein, fats and carbs to increase muscle growth and bodyweight. That’s where FEAST MODE comes in. It uses advanced Force Feed Technology to increase hunger, delay fullness and improve digestion. Pretty soon you will be eating – and looking more like – a beast. Increases ghrelin. FEAST MODE increases the hunger hormone ghrelin, which has been shown to stimulate appetite to help you eat more food throughout the day. That means you’ll be eating more and ultimately building more muscle. Delays fullness. FEAST MODE allows you to consume larger amounts of food with each meal. Ingredients such as ginger root, fennel seed and licorice root help relax the stomach muscles and open the door for more food to enter your body and fuel muscle growth. Improves digestion. FEAST MODE features a Bioengineered Digestive Enzyme Blend that is a precisely formulated combination of enzymes designed to survive the acidity of the stomach and work throughout the digestive tract in the lumen of the small intestines to improve the digestibility and assimilation of protein, carbohydrates and fats. Helps increase caloric intake. By enhancing your appetite, stomach volume and digestion, FEAST MODE allows you to eat larger meals and more total calories, so you can increase your bodyweight.   Feast Like a Beast Eating properly and consuming enough calories is the single biggest game changer when it comes to building muscle, adding mass and increasing your bodyweight. Sure, sleep (recovery) is important too, but food is the fuel your body needs to build size. FEAST MODE gives you the power to feast like a beast and consume the calories you need to unlock new muscle growth. For more information, visit These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Individual results may vary. FEAST MODE Increases Ghrelin, Appetite-Stimulating Hormone Enhances Digestion and Nutrient Absorption Optimizes Anabolic and Ergogenic Effects of Food Increases Total Food Consumption and Calories

New Research on the Muscle Building Power of Stem Cells

One of the most revolutionary concepts to build more muscle and recover faster to have emerged in recent years in sports medicine research is increasing the number of stem cells in your body naturally. Top bodybuilders and other professional athletes are making stem cell therapy part of their regimen to maximize muscle growth and recovery. Some of the biggest names in bodybuilding have discovered the benefits of stem cell enhancement – including seven-time 212 Mr. Olympia Flex Lewis and eight-time Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman. The same emerging science to maximize muscle growth and recovery that bodybuilding icons like Flex Lewis and Ronnie Coleman have benefited from can be part of your regimen with STEMTROPIN – a natural stem cell and GH-boosting formula that is at the forefront of stem cell research and muscle-building and rejuvenation science. Stem Cells for Greater Muscle Growth Stem cells are the body’s raw materials that have the ability to develop into many different cell types, from muscle cells to our body cells and organs. Tissue regeneration has been found to be the most important use of stem cells. Stem cell therapy, often referred to as regenerative medicine, enhances the repair process in injured and damaged tissue, such as tendon, ligaments and muscle. Muscle stem cells are found in skeletal muscle cells and can self-renew and have the ability to generate the rise of muscle cells to help regenerate damaged muscle tissue and potentially enhance muscle growth. The regenerative process requires the activation of satellite cells often referred to as muscle stem cells. New Research: Enhancing Muscle Stem Cell Activation A new study published on March 1, 2022 in the journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise found that resistance training can activate muscle satellite cells (SC). This new study reported that one bout of concentric/eccentric exercise with damaging eccentric overload can activate SC. “Eccentric overload during leg extension exercise induced significant SC activation, increases in SC content and SC number” in muscle (type II myofibers, the researchers concluded. More new, exciting research published on March 7, 2022 in the journal Biogerontology reported new “practical ways to enhance muscle stem cell activation,” including the use of dietary supplements and certain pharmaceuticals. It was reported in this new study that ferulic acid, a polyphenol, can enhance muscle stem cell function. Ferulic acid can directly act on satellite cells by inhibiting the effects of reactive oxygen species (ROS), providing antioxidant protection. Ferulic acid also enhances the upregulation of sirtuin 1 (SIRT1). An important regulator of satellite cells is SIRT1. Ferulic acid can enhance muscle stem cell activation and proliferation by upregulation of SIRT1 activity. Sea buckthorn, found in STEMTROPIN, is a shrub native to China and parts of Europe. It contains many medicinal phytonutrients and compounds. Sea buckthorn extracts are a concentrated source of polyphenols, including ferulic acid, and has been clinically proven to boost stem cell production by 20% within two hours of ingestion. References: Calabrese EJ, Calabrese V. Enhancing health span: muscle stem cells and hormesis. Biogerontology; published March 7, 2022. Michaela Wehrstein, et al. Eccentric Overload during Resistance Exercise: A Stimulus for Enhanced Satellite Cell Activation. Med Sci Sports Exerc 2022; Mar 1, 2022;54(3):388-398. DOI: 10.1249/MSS.0000000000002818. Sajad Fakhri, et al. Effects of Polyphenols on Oxidative Stress, Inflammation and Interconnected Pathways During Spinal Cord Injury. Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity; Jan 7, 2022. Mohammad Haroon, et al. Reduced growth rate of aged muscle stem cells is associated with impaired mechanosensitivity. Aging; 2022 Jan 13;14(1):28-53. DOI: 10.18632/aging.203830. Epub, 2022 Jan 13. Diego Salagre, et al. Melatonin induces fat browning by transdifferentiation of white adipocytes and de novo differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells. Food & Function, March 2022. DOI:10.1039/D1FO04360A Edward J.Calabrese, et al. Hormesis and neural stem cells. Free Radical Biology and Medicine; Volume 178, January 2022. Zhiyuan Ma, et al,A natural anti-obesity reagent derived from sea buckthorn polysaccharides: Structure characterization and anti-obesity evaluation in vivo. Food Chemistry; Volume 375, 1 May 2022. Fessenden J. Muscle stem cell technology a prelude to new muscular dystrophy therapeutics. Medical XPress, March 17, 2022. Ioana Asofiei, Ioan Calinescu, Adrian Trifan and Adina Ionuta Gavrila. A Semi-Continuous Process For Polyphenols Extraction From Sea Buckthorn Leaves. Sci Rep 2019; 9: 12044. Published online. DOI: 10.1038/s41598-019-48610-6 [sidebar] STEMTROPIN: On the Forefront of Natural Stem Cell Enhancement STEMTROPIN contains clinically tested ingredients proven to significantly and rapidly increase the production of stem cells and the release of growth hormone both during your workouts and while sleeping, for enhanced muscle building and recovery in as quickly as two hours. 20% INCREASE IN STEM CELLS: Contains a full clinical dose of 500 milligrams of sea buckthorn, which has been shown to boost stem cell production 20 percent in just two hours after a single dose. In addition to advancing muscle building, recovery and regeneration, stem cell proliferation may also be helpful in combating age-associated muscle loss. 72% INCREASE IN GROWTH HORMONE DURING EXERCISE: Contains a 5-milligram clinical dose of melatonin, plus 500 milligrams of Chlorophytum borivilianum and 375 milligrams of Mucuna pruriens standardized for 15 percent L-Dopa to boost GH levels as much as 72 percent during exercise. NIGHTTIME STEM CELL AND GROWTH FACTOR ENHANCEMENT: STEMTROPIN can also be taken before bedtime to boost stem cell and GH production during sleep to help the body build and regenerate muscle tissue. PERFORMANCE ENHANCEMENT: Optimizing these two powerful muscle growth regulators – stem cells and growth hormone – STEMTROPIN will enable you to increase muscle size and strength and improve recovery from your workouts. COMBAT AGE-ASSOCIATED MUSCLE LOSS: As we age, the number of stem cells decreases and so does our production of growth factors, which leads to a loss of muscle size and strength. STEMTROPIN’s ability to increase both stem cells and growth hormone can help combat muscle loss as we age. References: Euro J of Endo (1999): 141; 22-26.  Clinical Interventions in Aging (2019): 14; 253-263 The above statements have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This product is not intended to diagnose, cure treat or prevent any disease. Individual results may vary. For more information, visit STEMTROPIN 72% Increase in GH*+1 20% Increase in Stem Cells*+2 Supports Muscle Building, Strength and Recovery* + Within the normal range. 

CARNIVOR™ Lean Meal Whole Food Meal Replacement

Nutrition is the key to building muscle, but what is the perfect meal to help build a lean, muscular physique? While many people might head straight to the kitchen to whip up a muscle-building culinary delight, CARNIVOR™ LEAN MEAL packs more muscle building nutrition than you could ever create in the kitchen. CARNIVOR™ LEAN MEAL from MuscleMeds® is a muscle-building smorgasbord made from real whole-food ingredients, in an ultra-clean formula that features USDA-inspected beef protein isolate, white potatoes and sweet potatoes, to provide the highest quality protein and carbohydrate sources. Each serving of CARNIVOR™ LEAN MEAL packs 340 lean calories from 40 grams of beef protein isolate and 40 grams of healthy carbs from white potato and sweet potato. CARNIVOR™ LEAN MEAL is also free of fat, sugar, cholesterol, lactose and gluten, for the cleanest and leanest muscle-building meal you could consume.  CARNIVOR™ LEAN MEAL is a quick, delicious and nutritious meal replacement to fuel your body and help you build and maintain lean muscle. And incorporating CARNIVOR™ LEAN MEAL into your supplement regimen beats crafting a meal in the kitchen any day – you don’t have to clean up the mess or do the dishes.  The Muscle Building Power of CARNIVOR™ – Backed By Clinical Research Beef is one of the best sources of protein. CARNIVOR™ LEAN MEAL uses clinically tested beef protein isolate to provide you with super-lean beef. Using advanced extraction, hydrolysis and isolation technologies, CARNIVOR’s Beef Protein Isolate (BPI) delivers the muscle building power of beef without fat or cholesterol. This super-lean beef protein isolate has greater amino acid levels than other protein sources including whey, soy, milk and egg. CARNIVOR™ BPI is even 350% more concentrated in anabolic amino acids than a prime sirloin steak!  The muscle building and strength increasing effects of CARNIVOR™ are backed by science. Clinical research shows that hard-training male athletes supplementing with CARNIVOR™ BPI gained an average of 7.7 pounds of muscle mass in just eight weeks, a 6.4% average increase in lean body mass, while a placebo group only increased lean body mass by 0.7 pounds from baseline. The study also revealed that athletes (male and female) who used CARNIVOR™ BPI increased their total combined bench press and deadlift one-rep max by 147.7 pounds, while the placebo group only increased total strength by 82.6 pounds from baseline.1 These impressive findings validate the muscle and strength building effects of CARNIVOR™. Creatine and BCAAs Each serving of CARNIVOR™ supplies 20 times more creatine than whole-beef food sources to help saturate your muscles for explosive strength and growth. Creatine is an important nutrient and has many health and performance benefits including enhanced muscle building, muscle recovery, improved cell hydration and as an antioxidant.  Additional branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) are added to the purified Beef Protein Isolate to further boost the anabolic muscle building action of CARNIVOR™. Enhanced BCAA levels promote a positive nitrogen balance, increase protein synthesis, decrease catabolism, improve workout performance and reduce muscle fatigue. High-Quality Carbs for Performance and Energy Carbohydrates are a vital energy source to fuel high-energy performance. Carbs are your body’s preferred energy source, and are needed to fully replenish muscle glycogen stores during workouts. In the absence of carbs, your body can tap into protein and muscle tissue for fuel. So, sufficient carbs help spare protein and prevent catabolism. Nutrition experts who participated in a panel discussion published in the National Institutes of Health endorsed the concept of consuming a majority of daily calories in the form of high-quality, high-carbohydrate whole-food sources, such as potatoes, as a means of improving physical performance and recovery from exercise. These quality carb sources will supply the fuel for energy and replenish glycogen for optimum performance.2 This is why CARNIVOR™ LEAN MEAL provides 40 grams of quality carbohydrates from white potato and sweet potato. For more information, visit References: J Strength Cond Res. 2018 Aug;32(8):2233-2242. Muscle mass data based on male subjects. Weight and strength gains compared to baseline. Results based on consuming 46 grams of beef protein daily. Female subjects also experienced an increase in lean body mass.  Nutr Today. 2018 Jan; 53(1): 35-39. High-Quality Carbohydrates and Physical Performance. Expert Panel Report. Kanter M Ph.D.  CARNIVOR™ Lean Meal 40g Beef Protein Isolate 40g Carbs from White Potato and Sweet Potato Loaded With 2.5g of Creatine, Plus BCAAs Lactose Free, Sugar Free, Cholesterol Free, Gluten Free Only 1g Fat 340 Calories