Legends of Iron - Jerry Pritchett “No Plan B!”

Legends of Iron - Jerry Pritchett “No Plan B!”

If ever there was an American powerlifter and professional strongman that we should have on legends of Iron, Jerry Pritchett is it. He is a multiple World's Strongest Man finalist and won America's Strongest Man in 2017. Jerry Pritchett is a True Legend of The Iron.

Jerry began powerlifting at 15 years old, competing in his first competition after only two weeks of training. Though he was a good football player, he immediately fell in love with the strength sports, deadlifting 700 lbs as a teen.

Jerry talks with the crew about the best time he ever had at a show, breaking records with the Hummer Tire Deadlift at the Shaw Strength Classic.

We also find out Jerry used to race sprint cars and compete in strongman at the same time! Jerry’s son comes up in conversation and we find out he is following in his dad’s shoes with big time goals and a promising future in Strongman.

So join the crew, pull up to the table, and listen in on this episode of Legends of Iron!

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