Carnivor Mass - 100% Beef Protein Mass Gainer
Carnivor Mass - 100% Beef Protein Mass Gainer
Carnivor Mass - 100% Beef Protein Mass Gainer
Carnivor Mass - 100% Beef Protein Mass Gainer
Carnivor Mass - 100% Beef Protein Mass Gainer
Carnivor Mass - 100% Beef Protein Mass Gainer
Carnivor Mass - 100% Beef Protein Mass Gainer
Carnivor Mass - 100% Beef Protein Mass Gainer
Carnivor Mass - 100% Beef Protein Mass Gainer
Carnivor Mass - 100% Beef Protein Mass Gainer
Carnivor Mass - 100% Beef Protein Mass Gainer
Carnivor Mass - 100% Beef Protein Mass Gainer


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Carnivor Mass

100% Beef Protein Mass Gainer
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High Impact

Reactive Carbs


Beef Protein



Size/Servings:6 Lbs. approx 14 servings
Flavor:Chocolate Peanut Butter

Pure Beef Mass Gainer!

CARNIVOR MASS is commonly referred to as “anabolic superfood” and is more advanced than the typical mass gainer. Where regular foods and typical gainers may be limited in terms of speed of absorption and the potential for insulin spiking, CARNIVOR MASS excels. It combines a unique hydrolyzed Beef Protein Isolate (BPI) with a dual-action insulin signal amplifying technology known as iSpike. The combination of BPI and iSpike act in tandem to support improved muscle anabolism while minimizing fat storage. CARNIVOR MASS is a fast, clean and highly anabolic gainer. Welcome to a new era in mass building supplementation with CARNIVOR MASS, the fast, clean, highly anabolic mass gainer!

Beef Protein Isolate: Beef has proven itself as an anabolic protein over centuries of use. Now MuscleMeds provides bodybuilders with a Beef Protein Isolate that spikes amino acid and insulin levels at speeds comparable with whey – resulting in high impact anabolic effects. MuscleMeds pure BPI is 350% more concentrated in amino acids than steak and more concentrated than whey, with no fat or cholesterol, and without gelatin or collagen. Plus, CARNIVOR MASS is further enhanced with 5 grams of creatine and fortified with BCAAs for additional anabolic power.

With CARNIVOR MASS, you get the mass building benefits of pure beef protein at the speed of whey – without the lactose, allergies and other issues potentially associated with the use of dairy products. To pack on slabs of mass, you need CARNIVOR MASS!

Trigger Explosive Muscle Growth

Faster Protein, Faster Carbs and iSpike

It takes more than just calories to gain muscle mass. In order to stimulate muscle growth without accumulating body fat, it takes both calories and improved nutrient partitioning to create a highly anabolic environment. This is best achieved with (1) properly timed, high-speed macronutrient delivery and (2) properly-timed insulin optimization.

1) High-Speed Macronutrient Delivery: Proteins and carbohydrates that are absorbed at high speeds can help spike your blood amino acid and glucose levels. In turn, this stimulates the potential for higher speeds of protein and glycogen synthesis (anabolism), which can result in faster gains in muscle mass.

2) Properly-Timed Insulin Optimization: Insulin is a powerful muscle growth and recovery hormone, so much so that pro bodybuilders and athletes seek to increase their natural product and proclaim amazingly fast gains. Yes, insulin is that anabolic and effectively triggers muscle growth, especially in combination with a fast acting protein.

The Key To Building Lean Mass

iSpike Technology

CARNIVOR MASS reduces the average size of the carbohydrate particles in iSpike while increasing the total number of particles. The result is a significant increase in reactive surface area, increasing the ability for faster absorption. Research suggests that iSpike’s surface area-enhanced carbohydrates, when combined with a fast-acting protein, may promote up to 500% greater insulin spike as compared to eating the protein alone.

Did you know that when you drink calories rather than chew them, you skip the important first step of carbohydrate digestion and bypass carbohydrate-digesting enzymes secreted into your saliva? This fact has been totally neglected by makers of conventional mass gainers. It can result in a delay in absorption and a shorter insulin spike. iSpike addresses this problem with a natural system of amylases to enhance carbohydrate breakdown. This encourages higher insulin spikes.

Anabolic Gainer

The Science Of iSpike Technology

High-speed BPI, surface area enhanced carbohydrates and a multi-action enzyme system – you’d think this combination would be enough to create some major insulin spikes to stimulate mass gains. But MuscleMeds went a step further by giving iSpike a novel amino acid reported to have insulinotropic properties. This novel compound acts as a “gatekeeper” for insulin’s path to muscle tissue. The botanical extract in CARNIVOR MASS has been shown to have a positive effect on adiponectin levels, which helps allow more insulin to reach your muscles upon entering the bloodstream and may result in greater muscle gain.

Providing iSpike with its second and third layers of insulin signal amplifying support is a patent-pending mineral known as Chromium 454 (Cr454) and D-pinitol (a cyclitol). With the potential for more glucose to enter your muscle cells in the presence of insulin, even stronger anabolic signals are possible – which help support faster speeds of glycogen replenishment and mass building!

Carnivor Mass - 100% Beef Protein Mass Gainer

How It Measures Up

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United Kingdom United Kingdom

Fantastic gainer

It took me about a week to work out the right amount for me. I'd suggest experimenting slightly as 4 scoops is a lot. I'm not a big guy (200lbs) so around 2-3 scoops is more than enough for me. The results over the last month have been fantastic. Great strength gains, recovery, retention of mass. I'd highly recommend

Madagascar Madagascar

Flavor and results combined

As already eat a lot, only two scoops are enough for me, and I still gained some pounds ... Nice taste, easy to digest, lactose-free, I recommend !!

Brett C.
United States United States

The only Mass Gainer You Need.

Seriously why is there any other mass gainer? This is by far the best one out there. Great flavors and the best protein hands down.

Josh S.
United States United States

Good flavor, seeing results

Great, flavor is good. It goes by fast, but I’m seeing results. I think 4 scoops might be too much so I do 3 only for now.

Matt M.
United States United States

Good flavor. Has helped me put on a few pounds the last few weeks in addition to my normal eating.

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