Legends Of Iron - Bobby Thompson The Stocky American Nightmare

Legends Of Iron - Bobby Thompson The Stocky American Nightmare

Bobby “The American Nightmare” Thompson joins us for this episode of Legends of Iron. Thompson holds the record for American Log Press at 217.5 kg/478 lbs and is considered one of the best log pressers in the world. We begin with Bobby walking us through his recent placing at The Arnold Classic Strongman 2022. He breaks down how things went, event by event.

We ask Bobby about some of his worst and best memories in the strength game, including a keg toss that went wrong and a camera guy who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. We talk about his big moment of shouldering that stone at the Arnold and what really happened.

We then ask for Thompson’s picks for the top eight at World’s Strongest Man and his opinions of the top five strongmen in the world. His answers may surprise you, as will his desire for a certain kind of legacy that you will need to hear to fully understand.

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