Legends Of Iron - Hidetada Yamagishi The Dragon Retires

Legends Of Iron - Hidetada Yamagishi The Dragon Retires

When a legend like Hidetada (The Dragon) Yamagishi joins the crew of Legends of Iron, you pull up your chair and listen because you are about to learn the inside info about a life in bodybuilding, both the good and the bad.

We talk about the differences in bodybuilding culture between Yamagishi’s home country of Japan versus his current home in Las Vegas. Hide discusses the difficulties of judging and his new appreciation of judges now that he runs a bodybuilding competition. He talks about things that happen at shows and what needs to change. Yamagishi recounts how he started training for rugby and how he found his passion for bodybuilding. We also discuss what led to his retirement after 17 years in the game.

This episode gets deep when Hide brings up some troubling times in his life that he had to deal with. Just know he believes in second chances.

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