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Intra Workouts: Do You Need One?

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Push the limits. You’ve heard the saying before. What does it really mean and how do you break through the barrier physically and mentally? As you tear your body down throughout vigorous training, you may begin to wonder if there’s a secret to pushing through to bang out those extra few sets. Just as athletes chug their electrolyte drinks to stay fueled, what is the choice of those who’s area of interest is resistance training?

Amino acids are your building blocks of protein. You may have heard of branch chain amino acids (BCAAS). Supplementing with BCAAs has become routine for a number of weight lifters for decades. Often sipped on throughout the duration of your training session, let’s dive into how the body utilizes amino acids to benefit both your performance and recovery.

Branch chain amino acids consist of L-Leucine, L-Valine, and L-Isoleucine. Since the golden era of bodybuilding, these 3 key amino acids laid the foundation for intra workout supplements. Resistance training athletes utilize BCAAs for a number of beneficial boosts in their performance, recovery, and growth. Supplementing with BCAAs has been backed by research to prevent catabolism (muscle breakdown), increase protein synthesis, and enhance endurance throughout vigorous training sessions. These are rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream and provide muscle cells the fuel they need to maximize your workouts. Providing a continuous source of fuel for your muscle cells to feed off of allows you to train harder for longer.

BCAAs are part of a larger family known as essential amino acids (EAAs). These nine amino acids are unable to be produced by the body, meaning they must be taken in through diet or supplementation. With more research being done on enhancing performance over the years, the momentum has swung in favor of EAAs as the prime choice for intra-workout supplementation. Research has shown that when there is an absence of EAAs for your body to utilize to fuel your training, they are often synthesized from muscle cells potentially leading to catabolism.

MuscleMeds Amino Decanate is loaded with over 5g of EAAs and provides an added recover bonus as it packs in 5g of L-Glutamine per serving. L-Glutamine is a key element to relieving muscle soreness following intense training. When there are insufficient levels of glutamine inside muscle cells following training, the body scavenges it from other areas. It can also aid with maintaining a healthy immune and digestive systems.

The downside to many amino acid supplements is their lack of absorbability. What makes Amino Decanate unique is the powerful DecaDrive technology used to combat this issue. DecaDrive technology allows the body to maximize use of multiple pathways for rapid and efficient absorption, ensuring you get the most out of every serving of Amino Decanate.

Whether you’re training for strength, reshaping your physique, building endurance, or anything in between...You can benefit from including amino acids into your protocol.

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