Maximizing Digestion

It’s no secret that following a balanced meal plan is the driving force behind results geared towards any goal. What does pass under the radar far more often than it should is the digestibility of your foods. A hot topic in this day and age is If It Fits Your Macros, the dieting technique that gives you full flexibility to eat the foods you enjoy, as long as they fit your macros. This dieting style has gained more and more traction over time due to the appeal of not having to restrict yourself in any sort of way and cut out the foods you enjoy. While there is some science behind this, you can’t pass over the fact all foods are not made equally. The macronutrient profile always holds the spotlight, but what must be considered is the micronutrient content of these foods as well. For example, to say that you believe your body will digest fried chicken which is a mix of high fats, carbs, and protein the same way as it would digest baked chicken mixed with a bit of rice and macadamia nut oil to match the macronutrient profile would digest equally would be a false statement. Most people have experienced the stomach discomfort associated with fried foods and can clearly notice a difference in how their digestion is affected with their food choices. So other than making obvious choices such as passing on fried foods, what else plays a role in the digestibility of your foods?

Not all foods are made equally, and neither are supplements. When it comes to protein powders, there are some options your digestive system will thank you for in the long run. More and more people are developing sensitivity to lactose, this is due to a deficiency in an enzyme known as lactase. If you’ve ever experiences stomach discomfort following the ingestion of dairy, this may be the cause. Your best choice is to choose a new protein powder that better suits your body. Carnivor is bioengineered hydrolyzed beef isolate protein that is less stressful on your digestive system than even whole foods. Hydrolyzed protein in a way is “pre-digested” meaning that the amino acid bonds are cut into shorter pieces so your body doesn’t have to work as hard to break them down. The end result is the smoothest and fastest digestion possible. With no lactose, sugar, fat, or cholesterol and 350% more concentrated amino acid content than steak, Carnivor provides all of the benefits of red meat with none of the downfalls.

Diving in deeper into the mechanics of the digestive system, let’s take a look into some of the smallest organisms that play a big role. Healthy bacteria, is there such a thing? Most would assume not, but inside of our stomach are living organisms known as probiotics that are a key piece to gut and immune health. These bacteria are primarily found inside the digestive tract as well as the intestines. They help synthesize vitamins, prevent infections by balancing pH levels, and most importantly they help to produce certain enzymes that are essential to the digestive process. These are your systems natural defences against the unhealthy bacteria that can lead to declines in health. Foods such as yogurt, kimchi, and kefir are some of the most probiotic-dense foods suggested to include in your diet. The other route to take would be to include a probiotic supplement into your daily routine. 

Digestive enzymes are a vital piece to the puzzle when it comes to ensuring the highest nutrient uptake of your foods. These enzymes aid your body by mimicking natural enzymes that are in your stomach, small intestine, and even in your mouth. When there is a lack of digestive enzymes available inside the body, that can stem into a number of digestive issues down the line such as bloating, weight loss even with proper nutrition, cramping, gas, and more. There are digestive enzymes found in foods such as pineapple, honey, mango, and avocado but with a wide spectrum of digestive enzymes out there, it’s hard to ensure you get a blend of all types to aid with all areas of digestion. For example the digestive enzyme lipase helps with breaking down fats, while the enzyme protease helps with protein breakdown. One without the other won’t cover all your bases, and eating a different type of food for all types of enzymes is not sustainable for most people on a regular basis. Supplementing with digestive enzymes is an easier, more efficient way to ensure you get a proper intake.

When attempting to pack on muscle mass, you must put your body in a caloric surplus day after day. This can be taxing on your digestive system, and supplementing with digestive support can greatly benefit you. MuscleMeds Feast Mode is a convenient and effective solution to ensure you maximize your nutrient uptake. Each serving contains a blend of 11 digestive enzymes to ensure you make every calorie count. On top of that, Feast Mode is a powerful appetite stimulator with a unique one of a kind blend of natural hunger regulating herbs. This formula works to boost the hunger hormone inside the body, known as ghrelin. In response to these elevated ghrelin levels, the body sends hunger signals to the brain.

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