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Carnivor Shred: The Breakdown

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Nutrition is king when it comes to seeing results. Choosing a protein powder aligned with your body and goals plays an important role. Grabbing the cheapest clearance rack protein powder you can find simply isn’t going to cut it when your eyes are set on seeing change visually in the mirror and physically at the gym. Your choice of protein powder is the foundation of your body's recovery. Not all products are made equally. Corners are cut to save a few bucks, quality is sacrificed, and your results are compromised. Here at MUSCLEMEDS we do things the right way to ensure you get the results you set out for. We’re confident our protein will be the first and last choice you’ll ever need along the way throughout your journey. One of our most popular products is CARNIVOR SHRED, a revolutionary fat burning lean protein powder. This unique product brings up a number of questions that go alongside it, and in this article we’ll aim to clear them up.

When it comes to quality, our bioengineered beef isolate protein CARNIVOR leads the pack. The process in which our protein is made strips the beef protein of all fat and cholesterol, resulting in one of the cleanest nutrient profiles on the market. Beef protein offers a number of benefits over other types of protein sources such as whey, plant-based, or even whole foods. CARNIVOR provides 350% more amino acid profile of steak, it’s lactose free compared to whey protein, and contains no sugar or gluten. When you want to step up your fat loss game, that's' when CARNIVOR SHRED truly shines. The same base formula you know and trust, but we’ve added a kick to it to ignite your metabolism and shred down body fat at an accelerated rate.

Every serving of CARNIVOR SHRED contains a unique blend to stimulate metabolism. Let’s break down each ingredient and how it plays a role in the process of lipolysis.

Caffeine Anhydrous: Stimulate the body and mind to increase workout intensity allowing for maximum calorie burning sessions. Can aid with appetite suppressing to aid with adjusting to a caloric deficit.

Green Tea Extract: Green tea contains antioxidants, the one of which we are focused on being EGCG. This antioxidant has the ability to cause adipose cells to release their stored fat to be freed up and burning for energy.

Yerba Mate: A natural herb found in South America, it has the ability to reduce fat cell absorption inside the body, therefore reducing fat accumulation over time.

Green Coffee Bean: This natural fat burner contains chlorogenic acid, which is a powerful antioxidant known to prevent fat and glucose from being absorbed inside the gut. 

Super-6-Paradol: Naturally found in ginger, super-6-paradol aids in the process of the body's use of glucose. This allows for workout endurance to be greatly enhanced, allowing for more calories to be burned. 

The key to shredding down body fat efficiently is to maintantain as much lean body mass as possible throughout the process. More muscle mass means more calories burned, even at rest. CARNIVOR SHRED allows you to both feed your muscles to prevent the breakdown, as well ignite your metabolism to enhance calorie burning.

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