Legends Of Iron - Tony Huge

Legends Of Iron - Tony Huge

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On this episode of Legends of Iron, Tony Huge hits upon many controversial topics about which he is very passionate and very well-known.

Tony Huge is a pioneer in human evolution. His experimentation with body chemistry and other taboo topics of the fitness community has often gotten him into hot water.

He talks about the many ways to enhance the human body and mind. His openness about steroids, sarms and peptides has drawn a lot of attention and has gotten him censored and removed from several social media platforms. But facts are facts, Tony knows his stuff and keeps coming back.

We talk about how he began his career as a lawyer with a successful, but very stressful, practice and how he made the decision to leave that behind to become a bodybuilder, start Enhanced Lads supplements and create his popular YouTube channel “Tony Huge Censored”.

Tony explains why he chose Thailand as his new home. Tony now lives there with his baby mama and his girlfriends in an open relationship, doing things most men dream of but would never dare to do.

He is living his fascinating life the way he wants and you can hear about it all, along with the Legends of Iron crew. Learn why Jon Andersen would rather pee into a cup than interrupt Tony when he’s on a roll, giving us the information that has made him the most censored man in fitness.

So pull up to the conversation and join us in this new episode of Legends of Iron.   

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