Legends Of Iron - Chris Bell

Legends Of Iron - Chris Bell

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This time the Legends of Iron crew talks with the documentary filmmaker Chris Bell, the creator of the films “Bigger Faster Stronger” and “Prescription Thugs”. Chris talks about his new film “A Leaf of Faith” which explores the miracle of Kratom for helping with inflammation, pain and serious drug addiction.

Some of the other topics the guys explore in this episode:

• The guys speculate about the cause of some of the deaths happening now in the world of bodybuilding

• The myth of ‘Roid Rage

• The regenerative and therapeutic powers of steroids

• How Chris whipped himself back into shape and beat an opioid addiction

• The benefits of TRT and fasting

• Prescription Pills and the sometimes unintended effects they have on people

• Pharmaceuticals vs natural remedies

• The difficulties of making health-based documentaries today

Chris Bell is famous for talking about things most people aren’t willing to talk about and bring it to the front page. He has a passion to help educate the world with knowledge not given by mainstream media. This is a must-see episode of LOI!

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