Legends Of Iron - Stan Efferding

Legends Of Iron - Stan Efferding

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Stan Efferding has been called "The Worlds Strongest IFBB Pro" and"Master of all Masters". He is truly a legend in both powerlifting and bodybuilding and this week Stan joins the Legends of Iron podcast crew to discuss:

Why bloodwork is important and what it can tell you about yourself.

Why it's important to take yourself seriously, whether it be about health, business or training.

We dig into Stan's 2,303 RAW 865.2/600.4/837.4 record and talk about how he was able to achieve such an amazing feat of strength.

Stan also talks about his book The Vertical Diet (available online) and explains how lining up your food in such an order can change your training, enhance your strength and help you grow much faster.

We talk about training his latest client, UFC Champion Jon (Bones) Jones. Stan explains how has helped Jones step up to heavyweight and how he has helped him clear a path to success.

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