Legends Of Iron - Big Loz

Legends Of Iron - Big Loz

Laurence Shahlaei (Big Loz) is Europe’s Strongest Man 2016, 2X Britain’s Strongest Man, 11X Strongest Man Athlete and has the best beard game in the sport!

This OG Strongman and strength sports Champion has a wealth of knowledge that he shares with the Legends of iron crew, including reminiscences of World’s Strongest man competitions he shared with co-host Nick Best.

• Coming back from inevitable injuries

• How he challenges himself today

• His favorite world records and least favorite events

• How he gets ideas for his popular YouTube channel

• The importance of patience in strongman for longevity

• How he has dealt with problems with painkillers

• What he learned from his difficult relationship with his father

• His goal to help the sport of strongman out there, more popular and on bigger stages.

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