Legends Of Iron - Rob Kearney

Legends Of Iron - Rob Kearney

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Rob Kearney is the only openly gay Professional Strongman in the world. He started his strongman career at 17 years old and, though much smaller than most other strongmen, has won Strongman competitions and Arnold Strongman Classics around the world. Rob is now known as both “The World’s Strongest Gay” and “The Pound for Pound Strongest Man”.

The LOI crew talk with him about the origin of his coming out and his relationship with his husband. Rob explains how he patterned his athletic style by closely watching other strongmen and how he convinced coach Derek Poundstone to coach him.

He talks about the difficulties of his training, including pulling a firetruck full of water, and gives advice for other smaller guys who want to be strongmen competitors.

Most importantly, Rob talks about his position as a positive role model for kids who may be struggling with coming out themselves. “None of this ever held me back and I want people to see that.”

Rob tells many funny, touching and inspiring stories from his 13 year strongman career, including how he deals with ignorant people online and in person. He explains about one particular nasty spectator talking shit to him during a competition. Tune into this episode of Legends of Iron to hear how Kearney quickly put that guy in his place!

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