Legends Of Iron - Derek Poundstone

Legends Of Iron - Derek Poundstone

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Derek Poundstone is a former Arnold Strongman Classic Champion, World's Strongest Man and one of the top strongmen of all time. This episode goes deep behind the scenes and tells the story of the wild days of competing overseas with a crazy group of elite athletes.

Derek talks about why he retired and his success after strongman, most recently becoming a coach of the up-and-coming strongman Rob Kearney.

He talks about rival competitor Mike Jenkins’ passing and how it affected him.

Derek explains his unique and groundbreaking philosophy of training.

We even get story right out of what could be an episode of COPS Live on TV! So tune in for this exciting episode of LOI!

This episode of Legends of Iron is dedicated to Coleen Poundstone, Derek’s mother, who passed away shortly after this recording was made.

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