Legends Of Iron - Travis Ortmayer: Gratitude

Legends Of Iron - Travis Ortmayer: Gratitude

As a young competitor in the strength sports, Travis Ortmayer set many world records, becoming known as the Texas Stoneman because of his facility with the Atlas Stones. Then his life crumbled as he became addicted first to painkillers, then addicted to crystal meth. Travis lost his family, lost his career and was on the brink of taking his own life.

In this episode of Legends of Iron Travis takes us on a journey from darkness into light. He digs deep into his life story, reliving his lowest moments, through his resurrection and return to strongman. Travis explains how focusing on gratitude saved him, and along the way tells many interesting and inspiring stories of rebirth and rebuilding, some surprisingly humorous!

This is an inspiring story, one you don’t want to miss. It’s the quintessential rebirth story, from losing everything to hit rock bottom and learning from your mistakes, to rebuilding a life and getting a second chance to be great!

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