Legends Of Iron - NDO Champ - No Days Off To Get Here

Legends Of Iron - NDO Champ - No Days Off To Get Here

You've never met anyone like NDO Champ. Known today for his energetic positivity and humorous viral videos, NDO (No Days Off) Champ, aka Robert Wilmote, struggled with gang life in his younger days and ended up in prison.

At his absolute bottom, Champ realized he was meant for greater things. Inspired by faith and bodybuilding he began to transform, not only his own body and life, but the lives of those around him in jail.

Champ blows the Legends of Iron crew away as he tells story after story of positivity in the face of challenges, from the time he was shot in the leg while working as a bouncer at a club and still competed in a bodybuilding contest three weeks later, to how he came up with his signature walk and his very popular social media "skits".

NDO and the guys talk about discipline, the necessity of fitness in mind and body, the decision that changed his life, his passion to empower others to succeed, the origin of his pseudoynm and so much more.

There is no one who can generate more positive energy than NDO Champ. This is a powerful and uplifting episode of Legends of Iron you do not want to miss. You will learn about NDO the man and hear his real life story. He holds nothing back. There are truly No Days Off with NDO Champ.

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