Our 11th Hour Arnold Predictions

Our 11th Hour Arnold Predictions

Let’s make this short and sweet. We have a short list of athletes at this contest but it is a very stacked line-up. Like in any show, it’s going to come down to nailing conditioning and fullness on show day — and in this case they have changed the format to a two day show. This is great for someone who comes in off on the first day, and a nightmare of someone who comes in crisp on the first day and has to hold that condition for 24 hours. But assuming everyone comes in at their best, we can see the physiques that are about to be judged and we can draw some pretty strong conclusions about the placings. So, without further ado, here’s what we think. Feel free to agree, disagree, tell us we’re full of shit or place bets amongst yourselves. Here we go for the top 5.


Brandon Curry is almost a shoe-in for the first place slot. His recent pictures show an absolutely peeled and full physique with improved balance in the lower body. It’s hard to not be amazed at his recent pictures, but it’s not show day yet, and things can change with one miscalculation. Brandon has come a long way in his career and he continues to make improvements year after year, however his only chronic weakness is his hamstring development. This probably won’t hold him back come show day in light of the rest of his physique. We think it’s going to be Curry and then everyone else battling it out for the top 6.


Backed by coach Matt Jansen, the darkhorse of this show is the recently minted pro, Brett Wilkin. Brett turned pro in 2017, but didn’t compete until 2019 as a 212 athlete. Now, he has packed on an unreal amount of muscle in a short time and he looks like he may have surpassed some longer-standing vets of the sport. Brett’s upper body appears to be able to rival many well-established professionals, and his physique is balanced and he is already exhibiting that human cement look with plenty of fullness. 


We believe that sometimes a person has potential inside them that simply needs to be unlocked. Regan Grimes has recently teamed up with legendary bodybuilder and coach, Milos Sarcev and we can see a marked improvement in his physique. Now, Milos is known for his ability to manipulate a physique with expert use of carbs and insulin, as well as employing long bouts of extremely low carbs. With that being said, we can assume that the pictures that we’ve seen in the past few days are of a very depleted Grimes and he still looks bigger and rounder than any previous year he’s competed. If he holds his conditioning and fills out, we could very well see a physique that upsets most of the current predictions. We’re betting on that, and we’re going to put him in 3rd. 


Steve Kuclo is one of the veterans on the stage this weekend and he is one of the more massive men on stage. Based on his recent physique updates, he is looking very hard and grainy and although he doesn’t have the most flowing lines, he’s got the freak factor that should land him in the 4th place spot with a great combination of mass and conditioning. 


Another dark horse, Justin Rodriguez has been posting photos of him looking almost skinless in normal lighting conditions. The only knock we can give him is that he has genetically flat triceps, which may need some extra work in the future, but other than that nit-pick, he is otherwise virtually flawless, bringing a very balanced package. If any of these guys are off, Justin’s medical textbook level conditioning will pump him up some placings. 

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