How to Bulk the Right & Wrong Way

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So you want to pack on some weight. Eat more and lift heavy weight...simple as that, right? Wrong. There’s an art to this. With no plan in place you can do more damage than good with your bulk. Increasing your caloric intake is the game plan, but at what rate is the question. Let's talk strategy to pack on size at the proper pace to avoid unwanted body fat. You’ve probably heard the term “lean bulk” before, let’s dissect what the term truly means and how it can save you time and effort throughout your journey. 

Slow and steady wins the race. You’ve heard the saying before, and it couldn’t apply better to a bulking phase. Packing on pounds at a rapid rate is unhealthy in many ways. It’s taxing on your system to process an enormous surplus of food when it’s unprepared. Multiplying your intake by 1.5 or even 2x the amount of food compared to what you have eaten the day prior is a common approach for those who lack proper guidance. More calories equals more muscle is not always true when your system is overloaded. This will quickly result in lethargy, high blood sugar levels, increased blood pressure, and digestive issues. In the long run you will pack on weight at an accelerated weight, but it won’t be desirable weight. Excess calories will be stored as fat and when you transition into a cutting phase, it will be more work for you to get the weight off. To avoid the compilations, let’s take things one step at a time.

Let’s start with your caloric intake and how to properly calculate this precise number with proven formulas backed by research. This particular formula is known as the Mifflin St Jeor Equation will help us determine your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate). This is the amount of calories your body burns when at rest throughout the day.

Men: 10 x weight (kg) + 6.25 x height (cm) - 5 x age (y) - 161

Women: 10 x weight (kg) + 6.25 x height (cm) - 5 x age (7) - 161

Next we’ll calculate your TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure). This is the amount of calories you burn throughout the day including all activity from exercise and lifestyle. Using the guideline below, you’ll select which Activity Level best suits you. 

Sedentary = BMR x 1.2 (Little or no exercise/ desk job)

Lightly active = BMR x 1.375 (Light exercise 1-3 days/week)

Moderately active = BMR x 1.55 (Moderate exercise 6-7 days/week)

Very Active = BMR x 1.725 (Intense exercise every day, or exercising 2 xs/day)

Extra Active = BMR x 1.9 (Vigorous exercise 2 or more times per day)

BMR x Activity Level  = TDEE

Now that you have an accurate count of your total calories burned throughout the day, we can calculate your goal intake to ensure lean muscle is built with minimal excess body fat. Multiplying your TDEE by 1.1 will give us a 10% caloric surplus. This minor bump in calories will ensure you are gaining weight at a safe rate, but the results will be very gradual. Patience will be your biggest asset when attacking a lean bulk protocol.

Your macronutrient breakdown is important when it comes to packing on mass. Each gram of protein and carbohydrates is 4 calories. Every gram of fat is 9. Aiming for 1-1.5g of protein per pound of bodyweight will be the target on this program. This leaves you with a carb/fat ratio to determine to dedicate your remaining calories to. Carbs are an essential piece of the puzzle when it comes to muscle growth. Providing energy for inside & outside the gym. Committing 50% of your total calorie intake a day to carbs will ensure you have the energy necessary to power through your training and push the limits to achieve new muscle growth. The remaining calories will be taken in as fats.

This is your foundation for a lean bulking program. Supplements, cardio, and training styles are all other factors that will need to be weighed in. MuscleMeds Stemtropin is a powerful recomposition tool that goes hand in hand with a lean bulk protocol. Stemtropin naturally boosts Growth Hormone levels by 20% in as quickly as 2 hours. Elevated growth hormone levels result in lean muscle tissue growth, lipolysis, and elevated natural energy levels. The other powerful function of Stemtropin is boosting stem cell count.

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