Sample Nutrition Tip

Sample Nutrition Tip

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Carnivor Protein is perfect for athletes and gym rats!

HARD TRAINING requires optimal recovery—and that’s exactly why you need a quality protein powder like Carnivor. Developed by Gerard Dente, CEO of MuscleMeds, Carnivor protein is packed with 100% beef protein, branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), and creatine (2.5 grams). What sets it apart from other proteins, however, isn’t what’s in it—but what’s not.

“In the development of Carnivor, my objective was to create a high-quality musclebuilding beef protein without fat, cholesterol, lactose, and other allergens,” Dente explains. While beef protein isn’t a new development, there is a new audience for it—carnivore dieters. As the name implies, followers of this diet eat foods from animals only, with more extreme adherents sticking with mainly red meats. Also known as the zero-carb diet, the carnivore diet calls for consuming only fat and protein. While research on the diet is inconclusive, anecdotal evidence suggests that followers can lose fat quickly and increase strength.

Though whey protein is technically carnivore-friendly, it still contains allergens and carbohydrates, making Carnivor the ideal choice. In addition to the standard powder, which has 23 grams of protein, there are two other ways to get your protein fix. The Carnivor 4-ounce shot is a quick solution with 30 grams of protein, and the Carnivor RTD (ready-to-drink) packs 40 grams of the good stuff and is perfect for busy athletes who need to time their protein intake perfectly. “Because Carnivor is so clean and pure, it has an amazingly good taste, and athletes love it,” Dente adds.