Legends Of Iron - Roger (The Rock) Lockridge

Legends Of Iron - Roger (The Rock) Lockridge

Award-Winning Worldwide Bodybuilder/Fitness Writer Roger (Rock) Lockridge is the author of many articles featuring the strength community. You’ve probably read his work in Mens Healths, Barbend Strength Sport News, Muscle and Fitness, Muscle and Strength and, Stack Sports, just to name a few.

As one of the most prolific freelance writers in the strength sports, he has interviewed some of the greats in the sports of strength and bodybuilding. We talk about some of his greatest and craziest interviews and behind-the-scenes stories of writing articles with the likes Ronnie Coleman and Branch Warren.

We touch upon his personal life. He opens up about his early life experiences with alcoholic and abusive parents that led to transforming his body and then eventually a career in writing, which has opened the door to becoming part of a community he loves of fitness, strength, strongman and, bodybuilding.

We talk about how long it takes to craft his articles and what it takes to be successful at anything. When someone loves their job you can tell the passion they have by the way they work and how hard they work at their job. Roger Lockridge is a perfect example of a man who channeled pain into passion and success.

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