Legends Of Iron - Matt Vincent

Legends Of Iron - Matt Vincent

2X Highland games World Champion, HVIII Brand, Habit Coffee, and UMSO Podcast. Matt Vincent was an elite athlete who went from a 2X Highland games World Champion to walking with a cane. That and the death of his father caused him to reevaluate his entire life. Thus began his journey into the world of mind expanding substances like psilocybin.

Matt talks with the Legend of Iron crew about how those experiences have shaped his life post-competition. We talk with Matt about such topics as: Avoiding opiates and using psychedelics, mushrooms and micro dosing to help with pain management and recovery.

His struggles with loss and addiction.

The creation of his brand HVIII and what it means.

What pain teaches and the power of decision.

Overcoming his knee injury and setting his sights on a new goal of training for a 20 Mile trail run.

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