Ariane Lipski

Ariane Lipski

Born: January 26, 1994

Height: 5’6”

Fighting Weight: 125

Hometown: Curitiba, Parana, Brazil

Record: 11-4-0

Ariane Lipski is a Brazilian MMA fighter of Polish decent. Known as the Violence Queen for her tenacious attitude and tremendous striking ability she is an exciting fighter to watch. Her professional fighting career began in 2015 in the KSW, the premier Polish MMA league, where she quickly rose to the top. In 2017 Ariane won the KSW Championship in the Flyweight Division, defeating Diana Belbita by submission. Lipski went on to defend her KSW title twice, bringing her record to 11-3 before signing with the UFC.

Ariane made her UFC debut on January 19, 2019 and is currently ranked #21 Worldwide. Her dream is to become the best in the world.

Follow her journey on Instagram @arianelipski