8 Week Program - Training Only Plan

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MuscleMeds is ready to change the industry and give you all the tools necessary to be your best. We all know to be your best it requires hard work and dedication, but sometimes even with hard work and dedication, the results don’t come a quickly as we would like ❌ The truth is, it’s not only about how hard you work but it’s also about how smart you work. The proper training protocol is critical for optimal results. Learning the best movements and how to execute them can take years to figure out. Even pro athletes have trainers  to help them achieve peak results and performance.

This is why we created the MuscleMeds Militia 💯 The MuscleMeds Militia is unlike anything ever done by a supplement brand and it’s going to change the industry. When you join the MuscleMeds Militia, you get all the tools you need to build muscle, burn fat and reach your fitness goals faster than ever. As a MuscleMeds Militia Member, you will be working with one of bodybuilding’s top superstars, IFBB Pro Akim Williams and a full staff of certified trainers and nutritionists to design customized training and diet plans.

Did you ever think you would be fortunate enough to get training advice from one of the world’s best bodybuilders? No one knows how to build muscle and get ripped better than Akim. With Akim’s years of experience and guidance, there will be no more mistakes or guesswork, just results!

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Being part of this revolutionary new team will consist of 

  • Customized Training Routines
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