Big 3 Stack


Kick off your training with NITROTEST…A potent pre-workout designed to AMP YOU UP ⚡ Induce extreme energy, explosive pumps, and blast testosterone levels sky-high.

Keep the momentum going strong with long-lasting focus, and pair it with AMINO DECANATE to ensure you leave nothing left in the tank. Surge your muscles with potent doses of amino acids to fuel your training, and get a jump start on recovery with 5g of glutamine in each scoop.

Finally, the ultimate muscle-building protein CARNIVOR 🥩gets tossed in the mix. Clinically proven to build 8lb of muscle in 8 weeks…CARNIVOR delivers 23g of beef protein isolate and is loaded with creatine + BCAAs to ensure you’re building the maximum amount of muscle EVERY workout. Take your physique to the next level with the leanest and meanest protein on the market.