Too Much Fat in the Mid Section?


I’m 30 years old and have been lifting since June of this year. I have this stubborn lower abdominal fat that just won’t go anywhere. I eat healthy enough to have results already showing, but nothing at all. Any suggestions? I do cardio every day after I lift, and I train abs every other day.


Keep in mind when we burn fat, it is difficult to spot reduce. The body is going to burn fat where it wants to. Some may notice they lose weight in their face or their neck and then the stomach. Don’t allow this to discourage you. Keep training. Now you need to make some changes to diet, training and cardio. You have reached a plateau. Your body has adapted to your diet and cardio regimen.

For that lower ab area that holds more fat, try to rotate or drop your carbs and up your water intake. Some of the fat may be subcutaneous water weight, which is held on to by carb intake. Dropping carbs and upping water will help flush some out. Try to change up your cardio routine as well. Go a little longer or use a new machine.

Anthony Marchione, CPT, NASM, APEX