Join MuscleMeds At The LA FIT EXPO

MuscleMeds is coming to the 2016 LA Fit Expo! Come visit the MuscleMeds booth at the Los Angeles Convention Center on January 23-24. Stop by Booth #811 and meet MuscleMeds star athletes Nick Trigili and Akim Williams for photos and autographs. In addition, pick up free supplement samples, plus purchase your favorite MuscleMeds products for up to 50% off.

Have a question about posing? Ask IFBB Pro Nick Trigili for his advice during his exclusive bodybuilding posing clinic. This clinic will take place at the MuscleMeds booth, where he will show you how to perfect the 8 mandatory poses. Open to all at he Expo – with five select people to participate in hands-on instruction on each day. Stop by the booth at noon on Saturday and Sunday.

Ever see someone lift an unbelievable amount of weight live and in person? Come watch IFBB Pro Akim Williams display his superhuman strength as he attempts to deadlift 765 lbs. at 2pm on Saturday. Akim is so powerful he will attempt to deadlift even more on Sunday at the same time! Come see the man Muscular Development named “The World’s Strongest Bodybuilder” lift in person.

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