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The People’s Champion

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MuscleMeds star athlete Kai “Mr. Getting It Done” Greene finished in 2nd place over the past weekend at the biggest bodybuilding show of the year – the Mr. Olympia. In a controversial decision, the record crowd of over 10k fans clearly saw things differently as they expressed their displeasure when Kai’s placing was announced. While Kai’s finish was quite frustrating, he was certainly the People’s Champion at the 2013 Mr. Olypmia.

The 2013 Mr. Olympia lineup was stacked from top to bottom this year, but that didn’t seem to deter Kai from finishing in 2nd place for the second consecutive year. In 2013, Kai changed things up a bit. After bringing a smaller, but just as impressive physique in 2012, Kai’s even more massive, muscular, cartoon like physique was undoubtedly his best to date. With each pose, he displayed extraordinary symmetry and amazing detail that seemed as if it couldn’t be beaten.

The Mr. Olympia title was within reach for Kai, but unfortunately it just wasn’t his time according to the judges. Kai may have placed 2nd in the competition, but he was clearly 1st with the fans and in our hearts.
His journey to become the next Mr. Olympia will continue and he will not quit until his goal is reached. While it seems to be impossible to improve on what many believe to be the perfect bodybuilding physique, Kai has already gone back to the drawing board to figure out how he can propel himself into first place next year.