Akim Williams

Birthday: August 20

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Title: IFBB Pro

Physique: Massive

Contest Weight: 270 lbs.

Off-Season Weight: 310 lbs.


Ronnie Coleman


Basketball and Video Games


Professional Bodybuilder - Named by Muscular Development "The Worlds Strongest Bodybuilder"

When did you start training & why?

I started training in 2009 while I was still in college because I needed something to do in between my long class breaks. So rather than work on my papers or doing homework like a normal college student I started spending all of my free time in the college gym.

Favorite MuscleMeds Supplement:

Carnivor because I have a very hard time processing protein that’s made from dairy products such as whey proteins and Carnivor is made from real beef so I’m able to get the protein I need to keep me growing big.

Unique information about yourself:

Before bodybuilding I was a very talented basketball player who had dreams of making it to the big league one day but I found bodybuilding and fell in love with the sport.

Describe your physique before you began lifting:

Wow that’s a good question. As I mentioned above I was really into basketball growing up, so I was very athletically built. The position I played in basketball was point guard, so at the time I was no more than 146lbs.

Athletic Background:


Training Routine & Daily Diet

My workout consists of a 2 day split which means I train each body part twice a week. Most body parts are grouped together. For example, chest, shoulders and triceps are grouped together in one workout. As for my training style, I’m not your typical bodybuilder. I use very heavy weight and low reps when I train each body part. My sets range from 5 to 6 for each exercise and reps can be anywhere between 1 to 3.

My best lifts are as follows:
840 lb. Deadlift
810 lb. Squat
515 lb. Bench Press

My diet consists of 6 meals per day. These include a mixture of 8 oz. of protein from red and white meat with 1 cup of vegetables in each meal. My favorite vegetable is asparagus because it’s very healthy and it helps the body get read of harmful toxins. I have never focused on counting my caloric intake but if I had to estimate I would say its right around 8,000 to 9,000 a day.

2015 Dallas Europa (3rd place)
2015 Chicago pro (3rd place)
2015 Tampa pro (7th place)
2014 Chicago pro (5th place)
2014 Sacramento pro (6th place)
2014 New York pro (11th place)